Save on Your Wedding Cake

wedding ideas

WEDDING CAKE Budget As more a more couples try to save money on their wedding, many are turning to alternatives for their wedding cake. A beautiful cake is one of the centerpieces of a wedding but sometimes we have a tight budget.  There are many alternatives to finding affordable solutions without …

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WEDDING Menu tips

wedding menu

What’s on your Wedding Menu? Here’s something I learned from watching David Tutera and My Fair Wedding. (Yes I watch that). If you want to have a fun party with lots of dancing and lots of activity, you should probably think about what you will be serving for dinner. If …

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Wedding Mishaps

Like I have said numerous times in this blog, something is bound to go wrong on any given wedding day. It might be tiny, or it might be big. It’s how the bride and groom react that will set the tone of the wedding. Here is the ultimate in that belief. …

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