reno wedding dj

Music for all your wedding and corporate party needs.

One of the first questions I get when I meet with a potential client is what kind of music do I have. Naturally this is very important since it speaks to a DJ’s ability to cater to any particular groups music preferences. Every group is different and a music genre that was a huge hit last week might not be so popular at the next event. As you might imagine, after being in the business for over 20 years I have amassed a huge library of of music. It encompasses thousands of songs from all different genres. If you want music from the early 40s all the way to last weeks hits, we have it for you. However, regardless of how large any collection is, it dwarfs in comparison to the millions of songs that are actually out there. Accordingly, I also have a monthly service that allows me to access over 15 million songs. If your venue has internet or a strong phone signal, I can get most anything you want on the fly. If not, we will make sure we have everything you want when we meet at the free consultation that comes with every event. In short, you never need to ask what kind of music your DJ has, because we have it all.


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