Frequently Asked Questions


When looking for a DJ there are a number of frequently asked questions that are always  important to potential clients.  For your convenience I have put the top 10 frequently asked questions that I get, along with the answers on this page.


1: How long have you been a DJ?

I’ve been a mobile DJ since 1991 and before that was a nightclub DJ. I’ve done hundreds of weddings over the years and really know how to keep an event moving and fun.


2:Who will DJ our event?

I do all my events myself. That way I can control the quality of my service and you don’t need to worry about recently hired help or subcontracted help.


3: Are you insured?

Absolutely! I am also licensed and can provide proof at our first meeting.


4: Can we meet before we hire you?

Of course! How can we know if we are a good fit if we don’t meet first?


5 Do you have a contract?

Yes we do. A written contract is always necessary for you to know exactly what my services are going to be. It protects us both.


6: Will we meet again after we sign the contract.

Yes. All my prices include a 1 hour consultation to make sure everything is perfect for your event. This is done in person or by phone if you are out of town.


7: What kind of equipment do you have.

All my equipment is professional grade and includes names such as, Behringer, Gemini, and Numark.


8: Do you have backup equipment?

I always bring backup equipment. One never knows when something can go wrong. It’s always best to be prepared, just in case.


9: What kind of music do you have?

While I literally have tens of thousands of songs in my own collection, I also belong to a DJ service. This service has about 15 million songs that I can download. I can do this in advance or we can do it at the event as long as I have phone service.


10: Will you MC at our event?

Yes! One of the marks of a good DJ is how well they are able to keep the event moving. We do a consultation to help make sure everything runs perfectly, and you can relax and enjoy your day.




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