Reason #2 You Don’t Hire Amateur Wedding DJ’s


Reason #2 you don't hire amateur dj's

In our last blog on this subject we talked about the possibility of your amateur DJ not being “in business” by the time your wedding comes around, given that most brides plan their wedding a year in advance. Today I’d like to talk about how seriously an amateur DJ will take your wedding.

Here is reason #2 you don’t hire amateur wedding DJ’s. Think about this. If a person has a “hobby business” doesn’t it make sense that most people won’t take it as seriously as they do their primary source of income. The same is true for the amateur DJ. Yeah it’s fun to do, and the extra money is OK, but if things go wrong, while it might not be the most fun experience, in the big picture of things, it’s just not that big a deal to the amateur DJ.

That is just not the case for those of us that are in this as a serious business. I take every event to heart and am quite proud of the client comments that I receive. (Go to my references page to see them). Its not just about being there, it’s about the prep time you put into each event. It’s about meeting with your clients (at no extra charge) to make sure everything is the way they want it. It’s about making sure you have those special songs they want and it’s about knowing and planning those special touches they want in order to be able to facilitate them in a smooth and fun manner.

Yes this is a business and is about income, but I for those of us who love doing this, it is so much about the intrinsic value that we get from a bride telling us that we MADE their wedding. From them telling us that they are soooo happy that they hired us, and from becoming friends with so many of our clients. I’ve got to tell you, it’s one of the best feelings I get.

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