Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties Before the Wedding

Bachelor and bachelorette parties shouldn't happen the night before the wedding.


This is something that I have not yet spoken of, because it just seems so obvious to me, but here we go.

Most everyone has a bachelor and bachelorette party before the wedding. ( Didn’t they make a movie about this?) The thing that you don’t want to do is to have it the night before the wedding. I’ve only seen this a couple of times but in both instances the results were not good. The groom was so hung over that he was almost catatonic as he walked through the wedding ceremony and reception. Needless to say the bride was not pleased and it did put a damper on the days festivities. (Funny thing, I’ve never seen a bride do this.)

Again, this is pretty obvious and most of you are saying “Duh Joe, we know this,” but how about this little twist to the scenario. It’s the night before and the guys are all hanging out together because we can’t see the bride before the wedding. Everyone is in a festive mood and the alcohol starts to flow. Before you know it this “unofficial bachelor party” ends up with the same result. Just sayin….

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