Lifesaving Extras To Pack On Your Wedding Day

Lifesaving extras to pack on your wedding day





Every bride will remember to pack things such as make-up and hair products, but here are a few lifesaving extras to pack on your wedding day.

 Safety Pins:

Yup, things break and tear. A safety pin can be a real simple fix.


It could be just a slight cut, but you sure don’t want it on your wedding dress.

Breath Mints:

Make that first kiss really sweet.

Deodorant and Perfume:

It’s going to be long day and a little refreshing couldn’t hurt.

Extra Hosiery:

Hose just seem to rip at the most inopportune times.

Nail Polish:

So you got a chip in your polish. Who cares! You’ve got the same color with you.

Pain Reliever:

Having a headache on your wedding day is no fun.

Small Sewing Kit:

This and the safety pins are a quick fix.


That’s right. Now you can drink without messing up your lipstick.

White Chalk:

Just in case you get a stain on your dress.

White Gaffers Tape:

What happens if you get a tear in your dress. This is an easy way to fix it.

An Extra Copy of Your Vows:

You sure want an extra copy of those just in case. You can bring them with a copy of your wedding reception checklist.


Some of these items might seem a little odd, but if you need them you will congratulate yourself on your forethought.



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