Fun Wedding Reception Ideas

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Fun wedding reception ideas

If you are looking for something different on your special day, here are a few fun wedding reception  ideas I’ve seen in the past that really work.

1.  Record a special song. This is one that comes to me from a wedding that I’m actually doing in a few days. The groom has recorded himself singing and playing guitar for the couples first dance. This is very romantic and is definitely going to be a special part of the event.

2. Kick up the dances. Whether its the first dance, father daughter dance or another, try something different. Rather that just dancing to one dance, do a medley of songs that range from slow to fast. The guests are always surprised when they think you’ll be doing a slow dance and suddenly you break into something fun and funky.

3. Flash Mom Speaking of fun and funky, how about a flash mob at some point during the wedding reception. That’s sure to wake everyone up. Sometimes the bride and groom know about it and sometimes it’s a complete surprise.

4. Pictures during dinner. This one is always a hit. Put together a slide show that has pictures of the bride and groom from the time they were young to the present. It starts off separate but ends with pictures of the couple. It’s a nice addition during the dinner hour.

5. Signature drink. Do a little research and put together a signature drink named after the bride and groom. Something fun and fruity is always tasty and special. Try to stay away from drinks with too much alcohol as they can get everyone a little too inebriated, which can be bad. If you are having a hosted bar this can also save a good deal of money.

6. Unique centerpieces. Rather that flowers, how about pictures of the bride and groom. Some are of them separate and some together. This one goes along nicely with the slide show. I did a wedding this summer that had a Jungle Book theme. Some of the decorations to that were pretty amazing. Use you’re imagination and have fun.

If you noticed, all of the above fun wedding reception ideas don’t really cost a lot of money. Some are really a great way to save money. They are just personal touches that will help make your wedding reception stand out. Coordinate with your DJ at your consultation to move seamlessly from one idea to another, and for special announcements to go along with some of the ideas.


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