Meet Your DJ

I am quite often surprised when people tell me that they didn’t have a very good experience with their last DJ, only to find out that they didn’t get a chance to even meet them. I’m seeing this more and more with the proliferation of sites that contract with DJs to offer up their services. There is one that I’ve seen a few timesreno dj, under Reno area DJs, that is based out of Sacramento. Yes, it is cheap, but when you end up unhappy you find that it really wasn’t a good value. Poor service and yes, no shows, are often the result.

Weddings, Christmas parties, anniversaries, and birthdays are all big events in our lives and should be treated as such by the people you hire to make them special. However how can you tell if the person you hire is as vested in your event as you are?

Of course the best way to decide, is to meet the person you’re hiring. Now yes, I sometimes book events without meeting my clients, but I always encourage that we get together for a consultation before the event. My price always includes a one hour consultation to make sure everything is perfect for your upcoming event. This is not the initial meeting. That’s a sales call. I am talking about a one hour consultation. This is where we really connect and work out all the special elements of your event in order to insure that you have a great experience.

Meet your DJ before your event. If they can’t meet you, DON’T HIRE THEM!

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