Should My DJ Have a Business License?

Does the DJ you want to hire have a Business License?

Reno DJOne of the first questions you should ask a DJ before you even start a conversation about hiring is…Do you have a business licence?

Let’s face it, the DJ business is interesting, in that it is real easy to start with a minimal amount of equipment (can you say boom box) and call yourself a professional DJ. There are no other qualifications or certification process to become a DJ.  Anyone can make claims and put out an ad for their services. The real question becomes, how do you, the client know that their claims are real.

I think having a business license goes a long way in showing that the owners of the business are serious about what they do. They have taken the time to do things the right way and are not trying to fly under the radar of state and local governments. It’s actually illegal to run a business without a license, so if a company is willing to take this short cut, what other short cuts are they willing to take. So the question is, do you really trust that company to do a good job for you on one of the most important days of your life.


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