Wedding Questions FAQ

wedding flowersEveryone always has lots of wedding questions when they first talk to a DJ, and rightfully so. It is often hard to tell if you are talking to a serious professional DJ or someone who is just doing this as a side hobby. Questions such as what kind of equipment do you have, do you have a business license, and are you insured are just a few that the customer has a need to ask. Who will actually be doing your wedding is very important. I have recently seen companies on the web who advertise low rates but are not local. They just serve as a contact point that recieves a portion of the proceeds when a contract is signed.  In order to help with these and other wedding questions, I’ve added a FAQ page to my site that lists the top ten questions that I am normally asked by my future clients. I hope you find it informational, and that it helps you in your search for a quality DJ.

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