The Time Between Your Wedding and Reception

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The WEDDING Schedule

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen on the wedding day is when there is too much time between the wedding and reception.

I normally show up to an event at least an hour before it starts. There have been a few times when I’ve seen guests already milling around with nowhere to go. The problem here is that by the time the reception starts they have already been hanging out for about an hour or more. They are hungry and its already been a longer day than they might have expected. As a result you may already have lost many of them. I’m particularly talking about the older guests such as uncles and aunts. They are sitting around for an hour or more with nothing to do and are already starting to think about when they can go home. They will stay for all the required events, but when the party starts you might see a rapid exidus.

In reality the wedding and reception are one event not two. They need to be treated as such and the whole event needs to move along to keep it exciting.

A few ideas…

  • Take the majority of your pictures before the ceremony.  Communicate with your photographer about your time frame and make sure you are on the same page.  It is usually the photographs after the ceremony that take the most time.  Of course you want to get those great shots and don’t want to rush too much but plan the time out.
  • The DJ can help to move things along.  He or she isn’t just there to play your music.  Use them to coordinate all the events and communicate with those who have roles to keep things moving.
  • Get help from your family and friends.  They are there to support your special day so don’t try to do everything yourself.
  • Don’t stress out!  If you are focused on all the details of the day then your time can get away from you.  Trust that everything will work out and just plan to have fun!

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