Ten Things Your Guests Want At Your Wedding

wedding party

Wedding Guests have expectations

You have dreamed of you special day for most of your life.  You have been planning out the details of what you want that day to look like but one thing you should consider is that this day isn’t just about you.  When you plan a wedding a reception you are also celebrating your friends and family that have supported you along the way.  It is important to consider them as well when planning your special day.  You are thanking them and they expect certain things from the day as well.

According to the Huffington Post here are the ten things your wedding guests want at your wedding. My only concern is with number three. Although it is nice to buy your guests drinks, be careful that they don’t get too much of a good thing. Perhaps keep the open bar limited to one hour and I am never a fan of  open bottles of wine on the table. I could tell you some stories, and they all involve really drunk people.


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