Make Your Wedding Day Fun

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Make your wedding day fun!

Too often I see the bride and groom stressing about the minutia of the day. You have spent so many months planning for all the details but once the day get’s there it is time to enjoy.  There are just some things that may not go quite as planned so just go with the flow.  I saw a wedding toast where the best man called the bride by the grooms ex-wife’s name!  There was a huge gasp in the room but it was all ok because the bride just laughed it off instead of getting upset and letting it ruin her day.

It’s your wedding day. HAVE FUN!!! Your friends are there to share it with you. They won’t care if your flower arrangements came with blue carnations instead of green.  Don’t sweat the small stuff and just remember why you are having this special day.  If something doesn’t go quite as planned then just laugh it off and save the stories to tell on your 20th anniversary.

These folks in the video sure know how to have some wedding day fun!

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