Does Your DJ Have Backup Equipment?

One of the questions every couple should ask when they are interviewing a potential DJ, is do they have backup equipment.  Do they bring an extra amp, mixer or CD player with them to your wedding? It’s not often things will go wrong, but when they do, it’s good to have something to fall back on.

I see more and more Disc Jockeys going to their computers as their sole source of music. In lots of ways it makes sense. It’s compact, you can do everything on it, and it can make the DJ’s job much easier, given all it does. Here’s my question though. How often have you had to reboot your computer at home, or worse yet, has it ever crashed on you?

I also bring a computer, but it is in conjunction with my CD players. This way I have three things to mix off of. If one thing goes down the bride, the groom and their guests will never know. Like I said, these problems are rare, but it sure makes me feel a lot better knowing I’m ready for the worst.

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