Picking The Room For The Wedding Reception

Here’s a couple  of hints when trying to decide on the room for the wedding reception. First of all it’s best to choose a location with one large room. For example, if you choose an historic building  that has lots of rooms in it, your guests will wander off into these rooms and stay with the people they already know. When it comes time to do the toast, cut the cake and other activities, it is often quite difficult for the DJ/ MC to get them to move and take part in the “festivities”. If it’s one big room, they are all right there.

When it comes to size, smaller is better than bigger. Now of course, too small is not good, but often the bride and groom must choose between just a little small and much too big. If the room is too large, it will always seem empty and the excitement factor will suffer. If it’s just a little small, it seems like there is a lot of energy in the room, and will make for a better event, from the toasts to the dancing.

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