Open Bar & Wine On The Table

This is something that probably has a lot more to do with corporate parties than weddings, but it is something to be mindful of. So, an employer wants to show his or her gratitude to their employees for a job well done. The bar is open all night long and there is wine on the tables. Everyone is drinking heavily and having a great time. After dinner someone, who has had way too much, tells the boss what he really thinks of him. Words fly, then fists fly, and before you know it about twenty people are beating each other up and the cops are called to sort it out. Funny and unlikely? No, I’ve seen it happen. That was an extreme, but I’ve seen plenty of people need to be removed by other party goers, because they are just too drunk.

How about this, two tickets each for free and then they need to buy their own. Also no wine on the table. Remember the employer throwing the part is the person who’ll be sued if their employee crashes their car after the event.

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