Corporate Party Games

It’s always fun to have some kind of game at your corporate party to help liven things up. This is normally done after dinner and awards, and right before the dancing.

One of the perennial favorites is the White Elephant Gift game. Everyone that wants to play brings a gift that is not over the price limit of lets say for this example, $10.  The guests draw numbers and pick a gift from the pile or they can “steal” a gift that has already been chosen. It’s always lots of fun as the game goes along and more and more people are “stealing” the best gifts.

Another game is Pass The Hat, where the group is broken up into teams and must pass their hat around their circle of contestants. The rub is, that you can’t use your hands. The first team to complete the circle wins.

There are plenty of others, but the point is that after having sat for a couple of hours, it’s always fun to add one of these games to get everyone back in the party spirit.

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